Andrea Glavas founded inQub-O in 2007 with the goal of improving the competitiveness and scalability of small businesses. She works with small business owners and managers to develop efficient and sustainable bookkeeping practices that support their strategic growth.

Andrea has over 30 years of professional experience spanning many industries including healthcare, international aid, IT, telecom and national defense.

Her history of demonstrated competence, dedication and trustworthiness covers many sectors. From managing the growth of a successful small consulting firm to monitoring multi-million dollar budgets, administering payroll to thousands of field personnel and dealing first-hand with highly volatile currencies in Africa as an Administrative Officer for humanitarian relief efforts. Her experience is wide-ranging.

Andrea holds a BBA in Human Resource Management, and a Minor in Political Science, from Simon Fraser University. She is trained in Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership through the Coaches Training Institute, as well as in the Enneagram for Business by Ginger Lapid-Bodga, Ph.D., and the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition through Enneagram Worldwide. In her community, she actively participates in the local Chamber of Commerce and community events throughout the year.

Andrea’s problem-solving skills, planning and insightfulness make her an asset to clients, respected by her peers, and cherished by her friends. She is valued for her business acuity, vision, organizational skills, practicality, and last but not least, her playfulness.

Andrea speaks English, French, Czech and Spanish. She has lived on two continents and travelled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and the Americas. She enjoys and respects the virtues of cultures the world over.

Today, Andrea and her team work with small business owners, chief financial officers and team leaders to develop efficient and sustainable bookkeeping and organizational practices that support corporate strategic growth.

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