Our mission is to work collaboratively with you to help you develop your company’s financial well-being and increase your executive oversight by leveraging technology.

Keep it as simple as possible, automate where you can, and it will be easier to sustain.

Born from a passion for helping businesses flourish, with professional success to back it up, the “simplicity is sustainable” mantra has been one of the founding principles at inQub-O since 2007.

inQub-O’s growing team of conscientious and caring bookkeeping specialists is dedicated to providing high-quality service, with integrity and a solid base of bookkeeping and managerial knowledge. We have over 45 years of professional experience that spans sectors, including healthcare, non-profit, international aid, construction, IT, telecom, life sciences and national defense.

Our team has tackled a wide range of challenging projects, from getting operations off the ground to managing multi-million dollar budgets, to addressing reconstructive efforts and complex clean-up work.

We want to see your business succeed.

We serve all members of our community. 

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