We communicate.

We advise on financial process and support you in strategic planning. We integrate IT solutions for efficient financial reporting, and prepare your books for tax reporting and financial audits. We collaborate on your financials in real-time, and ensure that you have access to your data when you need it.

We leverage technology.

We’ve partnered with leading industry providers to help configure your bookkeeping needs for the cloud (hosted or online). We streamline data capture to eliminate redundancy and errors, and position your business to scale rapidly when the need arises.

Security is important.

At the source of everything we do, behind any solution we recommend, is the focus on security, transparency, and a good system of checks-and-balances, sound process flows and segregation of duties to prevent fraud and maintain accuracy of data. Archiving, and redundant backups are commonplace in our work. Being standards-compliant is critical in the information age, so we ensure that you stay on currently supported versions of software.

Flexibility and efficiency.

If you use QuickBooks, and a third-party app that you love doesn’t integrate with either platform, you have a lot of back office hoops to jump through to get the data from one program to the other. This is inefficient, labor-intensive and prone to error. If your third-party app can integrate with your financial software, we’ll help make that happen. If it can’t, we’ll help you leverage a solution that will meet your operational needs more efficiently.

We work with your CPA.

We liaise on tax issues, financial reporting and audit support, and we set your CPA up with their own login credentials to your QuickBooks data so that they have convenient, direct access, as needed.

Don’t have a CPA? We work with many reputable CPAs, enrolled agents and accounting firms, and we’ll be happy to broker an introduction to one that will meet your needs and budget.

We explain reports.

Understanding your financial reports matters to the health and growth of your business. And your growth matters to us. In our reports to you, we flag areas of concern, analyze trends in your data and industry, alert you if we suspect a fraudulent charge in your records, and review any aspects of your financials with you to help you plan strategically. We happily explain the numbers through individualized training, and offer unlimited phone or e-mail access to us to help you get answers you need to questions that keep you up at night.

We broker introductions.

As a community-engaged business, inQub-O strives to provide you with connections and resources when you strategically need them. Contact us today!

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